VIDEO: Are we seeing the first signs of Pope Francis changing the Catholic hierarchy?

What I have never understood about the Catholic church or other religions with such intensely hierarchical structures is; in order to be able to maintain such a structure, it takes ego and power. Something that is on the opposite end of the scale to spirituality. It’s a contradiction.

How refreshing it therefore is, to see such a simple-living pope. A pope that travels by public transport, drives an old car. A pope who, on the surface, seems to have distanced himself from the great wealth of the Catholic church in order to get back to what the church should be there for – To practice spirituality.

I certainly hope this attempt to bring the rest of Catholic leadership with him succeed.

Pope Francis and members of the Roman Curia travel to Arricia for Lenten spiritual retreat held outside the Vatican for the first time in decades. Vanessa Johnston reports.


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