The Power of Belief

voodooThe year was 1999.

I was 22 years old and travelling East Africa.

On this particular day, I was in Tanzania and about to attend a birthday party with some friends (one of whom was Tanzanian).

Prior to attending the party, we all met up at a local bar.

As we stood around having drinks and conversation, my Tanzanian friend told me that he was a little apprehensive about attending the party.

He told me that there would be some people at the party who, a few years previous, had had a disagreement with some of his family members over a business venture that had gone wrong.

I told him that we would all stick together if they tried to make trouble for him.

He told me that they wouldn’t make any physical trouble, rather; they would likely attempt to put a voodoo spell on him.

Although naturally concerned by my friend’s distress and worry, I was also a little bemused over the belief he held.

For this was a guy who was well-educated (he had a masters degree in a logical discipline) and who was from what appeared to be an affluent, modern family.

Yet here he was, believing that people could and would put a detrimental spell on him.


‘Don’t worry, I’ll protect you from any voodoo spells’. I said rather light-heartedly.

‘You can’t’. he replied with all seriousness. ‘Voodoo doesn’t work on Mzungus (white people).

‘Why doesn’t voodoo work on Mzungus?’ I asked

‘Because they don’t believe in it, so it doesn’t have any power over them.’ he replied.


I was rather perplexed by my friends comments.

From the rational he had just given me, he was quite aware that the belief he held about voodoo magic was what made it real for him, yet for some reason, he was unable to let go of a belief that was causing him to worry and suffer.

The answer seemed rather obvious; if he just refused to believe in Voodoo, then it would cease to be real for him.


By continuing to maintain a belief in his mind, he was giving his power away.


The opposite of course, is also true. If you truly believe in something that induces a positive effect on your mind, then it will increase your power.



  • Let go of negative beliefs
  • Keep hold and increase the number of positively held beliefs


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