The Illuminati Myth

Novus Ordo SeclorumWhen complaining about the system, capitalism and all of its ills, blaming those in power is an understandable thing to do.

In addition, what seems to be getting more popular is a growing discussion about a shadowy group of people wielding ultimate global power.

The real power behind the power if you like.

This group of people are allegedly – The Illuminati.

During a recent monthly discussion group, we discussed various conspiracy theories, including the existence of the illuminati.

The theory is that there is a group of all powerful people responsible for all critical decision making on a global scale and the intentions of this group is to serve themselves at the expense of others.

Most of those present agreed that the problems associated with greed are just a downside of living in a Capitalist society, but there are some people who are convinced that there is an additional layer to power (a top layer, a secret layer), that consists of a related group of individuals who have actively infiltrated every major organization in the world in order to seize ultimate control.


Q. So who are these supposed members of the illuminati?

A. Well, allegedly: royal families, presidents, prime ministers, bankers, media barons, top business executives, famous musicians and so on.


Q. What is the supposed agenda of the illuminati?

A. To use their money, power and influence to enslave the human race.


The Awakenment (Founder’s) View

While there are important, rich and influential people that make up our government, culture, business and banking sector (the system), they only exist in their positions because of the system we all actively participate in creating.  They are not super-humans or aliens, nor are they puppet masters or Wizard of Oz type characters collectively pulling leavers behind a curtain of secrecy.

Conspiracy theorist and writer David Icke believes the illuminati to be reptilian type creatures disguised as humans. I personally find these kind of descriptions and labelling (although absurd) rather alarming, for history teaches us that when you label people as sub/non human and then target them as your enemy, it makes it easier to justify committing horrific acts against them.

Putting human faces on what you believe to be what’s wrong with ‘the system’ and angrily labelling the people upholding the system as The Illuminati, isn’t going to help change things.

I’m not opposed to revolution and I’m not saying that there aren’t parts of the system that could benefit from change.

What I don’t like is the witch hunting aspect.

History shows us that witch hunts don’t end well.  It’s the quieter, more patient, tolerant and bloodless revolutions, such as the ones lead by Mahatma Ghandi and Nelson Mandela, that create lasting change.

If you actually believe in the illumanti you have already given away most of your power.

If you hold a belief that there are people more powerful than you, that control the world in which you live in, then you are actively participating in enslaving yourself and your experience will adhere to this belief in which you hold.

It is the acceptance that you have no control that creates the myth of the Illuminati.

If you view other people with wealth, power, position and prestige as the source of your problems, or of the world’s problems (as you see them), then you are creating perceived monsters that are blocking your way.

You are creating a convenient excuse for why the world isn’t to your liking.

The key is to not recognise any monsters at all.

Instead, ask yourself how you can change things.

I do believe the current systems let many people down, but the system is created by those living in it and can therefore be changed by those living in it. It is not created and controlled by a small, secret, organized sect called the illuminati.

If you believe the system to be broken and corrupt, why not work on helping to fix it or create a new, fairer system?

There are people currently in positions of power who enjoy the status quo and are happy for the system to remain the way it is, as it is beneficial to them. These people can be superseded by new people and new ideas. This doesn’t have to involve a process of hatred or labelling them as the enemy, surely a much more efficient way to seek change would be a process of progress; examples being set, inclusion and evolution.


Q. So, how does one begin to unpick a system that one believes to be predominantly unfair to large proportions of society?

A. Well, rather than seeking to finger-point certain individuals whom you deem to be illuminati, YOU need to act. You, either as an individual or you as part of a group, need to begin to change the system from the inside. No one is going to hand you the change you seek, you need to implement the change yourself.



Let’s take a common theme of discontentment with regards the current system: Banking.

If you believe the current banking system works only to serve the wealthy few at the top rather than the mass majority of humanity, then either start putting your money in an ethical bank, or start your own bank.

There is no rule or law to say that if you do not like something about the current system, or if you see something within the current system that is clearly unfair, you can’t change it.

A lot of change can be enforced through how you spend your money or where you choose to keep it.

If you do not fund what you do not like, then you take something away from what makes that part of the system, i.e. you weaken it.

If people get together and decide not to fund part of the system en-masse, support for that part of the system will weaken and eventually break down and whatever/wherever that group of people have decided to diverted their funds and attention to, will take over and make up the new part of the system, replacing the old way.

And if there is a law to say you cannot change something, even though you feel it is inherently unfair, then start employing a peaceful campaign of civil disobedience. Without people cooperation, systems don’t work.


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