Exploring Auras: Wednesday 24th June at Halo, Gloucester Road, Bristol. Discussion led by Jay.

An Aura is the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place.




Sacred Geometry: Wednesday 28th January at Halo, Gloucester Road, Bristol. Discussion led by Simon.

An interesting talk on historical sacred shapes and numbers and the interplay/similarities between ancient and modern knowledge.
Fibonacci sequence built into natures code. It is the best way of packing in seeds in plants to forming the shapes of Galaxies.
1.618 is the ratio of beauty


Sound & Vibration: Wednesday 17th December at Tristan’s House, Easton, Bristol.
Discussion led by Tristan.

The discussion started with a video on Cynatics by Nigel Stanford.
Vibrations are perceived in different ways: light – sound – matter.

“if you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

We are made if water so vibration has a big effect on our bodies.
Sound technology is now coming into western medicine. Used in breaking apart cancer cells and gall stones.
Brain frequency manipulation. Mood changes by sounds.
Len Horowitz – frequencies resonate with aspects of the human body. 528 hertz frequency is said to repairs human cells.
Our bodies are built as resonators. DNA looks like a perfect acoustic resonator.
Chakras – wheels of energy within your body that resonate at different frequencies. Harmonic points of Bio-acoustic resonance. We did a group sound meditation, different tones were used whilst concentrating on different chakras of the body (glowing vibrating orb of energy in each point and singing a particular note that relates to it).


Systemic Constellations: Thursday 27th November at Halo, Gloucester Road, Bristol. Discussion led by Dave.

In the most dynamic, practical and engaging meeting yet, Dave gave us an introduction to Systemic Constellations (a therapeutic intervention) and then led us through an hour long session.

Essentially, Systemic Constellations allows you to externalise the important elements interacting within a given problem in your life. By externalising them (by attributing them to another member of the group or even an object), we can interact with them in a completely new way. Reminiscent of elements of psychodrama interventions and with a fascinatingly intense flavour, the whole group was involved in facilitating one member to move towards a solution to a problem in her life.

I think it is safe to say that we all left this session feeling closer as a group, but also individually happier, as a result of reaching our collective therapeutic conclusion.


Existentialism: Wednesday 29th October at Halo, Gloucester Road, Bristol. Discussion led by Kyle.

Unfortunately, the long awaited discussion on “Altered States of Consciousness” was cancelled at the last minute so Kyle swiftly pulled together some information about Existentialism and away we went.

Unsurprisingly, much of the introduction featured Jean Paul Satre, although it wasn’t until quite a bit later that it was revealed that he lived with his mother and spent most of his time in bars and engaging in affairs. Some people felt that this raised questions about the whole basis of the philosophy, while others argued that it made perfect sense.

We added to our “must watch” list a film called “Waking Life”, which is about near death experience which results in the protagonist talking to various philosophers.

The Buzz-word of the evening was “mechanistic”, generally in the context of not living/acting in a mechanistic way.

Also discussed at length was the importance of facing the consequences of the labels you assign to yourself, being true to your being and the distinctions between “being” in itself, for itself and for others.


The Awakenment Discussion Group 1 Year Birthday: Wednesday 24th September at Halo, Gloucester Road, Bristol. Discussion led by Jay & Kyle.

1 year on and The Awakenment Discussion Group is still going strong! :)

Jay and Kyle discussed how and why they decided to start the group and why some people feel the desire to come together as we do in order to seek answers that are not readily available in everyday society.


Fear: Wednesday 27th August at Halo, Gloucester Road, Bristol. Discussion led by Allen.

Fear is an ever present element in all our lives, one which can be crippling but also something which can be transformed into a driving force either because we are afraid of something happening or because we are afraid of something not happening.

We discussed the differens ce between tangible fear – fear of immediate physical harm – and intangible fear – for example being afraid that people will laugh at us if we fail.

Love was suggested as the opposite of fear and ways of overcoming fear were considered.


Belief: Wednesday 30th July at Halo, Gloucester Road, Bristol. Discussion led by Kyle.

We were asked to consider what, if anything we believed, and why.

It was suggested that our beliefs are shaped, at least in part, by the cultural and societal influences around us. The advantages of being open to changing ones’ beliefs were discussed. Several members of the group suggested that the ideal way to operate is to try not to believe anything, and to believe things only when they are “useful” within the context of the current situation.


Astral Projection: Wednesday 25th June at Halo, Gloucester Road, Bristol. Discussion led by Leise.

We discussed the difference between Lucid Dreams and Astral Projection and Leise outlined several techniques we could practice in order to increase the chance of Astrally Projecting.
The first was to lie flat on your back at bedtime and mantralise the following sounds: “Faaaaaah Rrrrrraaaah Onnnnnn” – out loud and first and then gradually quieter until it became internal. She said that you would eventually hear a roaring noise and feel a “juddering” sensation and, at this point, you should get up very quickly. If you succeed in Astrally Projecting at this point (i.e. leaving your physical body), you should move away as quickly as possible. The second was to work on being very aware whilst awake, not daydreaming or “drifting off”. You then introduce physical habits, such as pulling your finger or jumping in the air when something unusual happens. If you pull your finger in a dream, it will grow. If you jump, you will float as you return to earth. If either of these things happen you will know that you are dreaming and can then decide to take charge of the dream.


Energy: Thursday 29th May at Halo, Gloucester Road, Bristol. Discussion led by Simon.

Following on from this pre-discussion blog, Simon led a discussion on energy in its various forms. We talked, among other things, about death and grief, relationships, fear and sexual energy. We concluded that “Understanding energy means understanding life” and talked also about how energy in general, and us, as individuals and as a group, are moving towards harmony. Interestingly, apart from a minor disagreement about whether fear of physical danger is more genuine than fear of other things, we all agreed with each other more during this talk than any other.


Meditation: Monday 28th April. Halo, Gloucester Road, Bristol. Discussion led by Kyle.

Blogger and Co-Founder of The Awakenment, Kyle, finally took the helm to tell us all about his life changing experiences with Transcendental Meditation. As well as his own personal journey, he also laid out the origins and history of Transcendental Meditation and gave us some tips on how we could start/enhance our own meditation practices.

If you couldn’t make it but are interested in this subject, click on the links below to find out more.

Meditation for Beginners (video by Kyle)

What happens to your mind when you Meditate (video by Kyle) 

How meditation changed me (blog by Kyle)


Masculine and Feminine: Thursday March 20th. Halo, Gloucester Road, Bristol. Discussion led by Dave.

More of a workshop than a discussion. Dave supplied us with ransom note style cut out words and we were tasked with allotting them to one of three categories: Masculine, Feminine and Both, while keeping in mind that “masculine” and “feminine” are not the same as “male” and “female” (because a male person may display “feminine” traits and vice-versa). As you can imagine, this generated some passionate exchanges! We ended up with an additional category called “Neither”.

This may all sound a little arbitrary and wishy-washy (and stereotypical) but the aim was not really to create a list which claimed to be in any way “correct” or “final”, but rather to provide a framework for discussion about the ways we think about masculine and feminine energies or traits. And that it did!


Love: Thursday 20th February 2014, Roll for the Soul, Bristol. Full group participation discussion by all members

Our best-attended Discussion Group yet, with a distinctly different style and a new venue. We met at Roll for the Soul – Bristol’s community cafe for cyclists (although we don’t all cycle). We listened to some poetry and rap on the subject of love to kick off proceedings. Our normal format has been to have a “topic leader” who has some knowledge of the subject being discussed – they introduce the topic and then answer questions and the discussion progresses naturally from there. Since love is somewhat subjective, the aim was to open the subject up to the whole group so we made some cards, each one had a question about love inside. Attendees picked a card, read out the question and then either gave their answer or opened it up to the group. This generated some really interesting discussions. Highlights of the evening – getting advice from Rob “The Love Guru” as he talked about his 16 year relationship, discovering that Kyle has been experimenting with love on shopkeepers and listening to Rachel’s hot and steamy rap about the physical aspect of love.


Islam: Tuesday 14th January 2014, Café Grounded, Redfield, Bristol. Discussion led by Sasha

A fascinating talk by a practicing Shia Muslim who has recently joined our group. She gave us an introduction to the technicalities of Islam as well as a discussion of some of the differences between Sunni and Shia Muslims, the differences of opinions within the groups and her personal spiritual journey and thoughts.


Querencia: Monday 30th December 2013, Café Grounded, Redfield, Bristol. Discussion led by Jay

A word originating from Spanish: “A place from which one’s strength is drawn, where one feels at home; the place where you are your most authentic self” This definition of “Querencia” was discussed and then alternative conceptualisations, such as finding/developing a “Querencia” within yourself or through others close to you. It was also suggested that one could have more than one “Querencia”. We discussed our personal “Querencias”.


Islam: Tuesday 26th November 2013, Café Grounded, Redfield, Bristol. Speaker unavailable due to illness. Discussion cancelled

Unfortunately the lead speaker was ill and therefore unable to attend but we got together anyway and had a nice dinner and general chat. The talk has been rescheduled for Tuesday 14th January and will be held at Café Grounded, Redfield, Bristol. The talk will be led by Sasha


Daoism/Taoism: Tuesday 29th October 2013, Café Grounded, Redfield, Bristol. Discussion led by Allen

Taoism (Daoism) is a philosophical and religious tradition that emphasizes living in harmony with the Tao. The term Tao means “way”, “path” or “principle”, and can also be found in Chinese philosophies and religions other than Taoism. In Taoism, however, Tao denotes something that is both the source and the driving force behind everything that exists. It is ultimately ineffable: “The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao.
There is also a Tao of Poo and you can’t argue with that!


Spirit/Ghostly Encounters: Tuesday 29th October 2013, Café Grounded, Redfield, Bristol. Discussion led by Ben

One of our members spoke about various “otherworldly” experiences he has had. Other members also spoke about their own experiences and after hearing what we were talking about, one of the café staff joined us to tell us a few stories. To our surprise, even our resident Nihilist described an encounter with his dead Grandfather, although he did go on to deny that this was an encounter with an actual ghost. We then discussed our beliefs surrounding spirits and souls and the connetations of these beliefs on our wider belief systems. This discussion was mainly a humourous one with little seriousness.


Our very first discussion group meeting :)

Conspiracy Theories & Gnostiscism: Tuesday 24th September 2013, Café Grounded, Redfield, Bristol.

We were contacted by someone who felt that he didn’t have anyone to speak to about the subjects that really mattered to him. He told us that he wanted to talk about “something more interesting than soap operas”, which is what the people around him tended to talk about. He wanted to talk about matters close to his heart, about being on a spiritual path, about seeking truth and challenging the norms. This sounded like good times to us so we invited a few others to come along and went out together for dinner and discussion. Some of those who came have explored “Gnostiscism” (a religion predominantly practiced in South America, which has it’s roots in early Christianity/Mystescism) at some point so we started with a discussion of this and then went on to talk about Conspiracy Theories. We had such a great time that we decided to set this up as a regular thing and The Awakenment Discussion Group was born!


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