My Hypothesis on Energy – A Guest Post by Simon

energyEvery experience you have, from the information provided by your senses, to the emotion that colours your thought process, to that very thought process itself – is energy.

According to modern scientific thinking, all matter including your own physical presence, when reduced to sub-atomic particles can be expressed only in terms of energy and is devoid of any material properties whatsoever.

It must therefore, stand to reason that, along with everything else in existence, the human animal (to put it quite simply) is pure energy.

From a material point of view, most of the human body gets regenerated over a seven year cycle.  There are a myriad of exceptions of course; some cells only take about five days to regenerate, some as much as ten years, whilst others do not move on until the entire being is recycled through death.  I see this matter which constitutes each and every one of us simply as energy.

If our material bodies are energy, then it is my belief that the conscious awareness with which we interpret this experience and the thoughts that narrate it are also energy.  We are just the conduit through which it passes.

It seems apparent (at least to me), that thoughts and ideas are in a constant state of flow and original thinking is in short supply.

Much of what passes through our minds is simply the recycled ideas of others which permeates sporadically and sometimes contagiously, throughout society – once again, this is simply the flow of energy.

To me the most obvious expression of this energy is emotion.  More contagious and infectious than thoughts and ideas, it spreads with ease through the ether.

I have used the terminology ‘expression of energy’, and this is important, for there is only one form of energy.

Modern science would have you believe that there are nine types of energy, namely; Kinetic, Potential, Thermal, Chemical, Electrical, Electro-Chemical, Electromagnetic, Sound and Nuclear.

Whilst I do not refute these forms or expressions of energy, they are exactly that – ‘expressions of a single force’.

For energy is not bound by type, it morphs and changes from one form to another and back again.

For example; you can think something with your conscious mind, subsequently transform that conscious energy into sound by telling someone something and you may well receive an emotional response. This is also energy in flow. There is no fundamental difference.

Boil it down and there is a single fundamental force. A force that underlies everything.

Each and every one of us is connected by and is an expression, or rather a series of expressions of that same force, each and every one of us – one.

1 comment for “My Hypothesis on Energy – A Guest Post by Simon

  1. Ky Wiss
    May 27, 2014 at 4:02 pm

    Life is the organization of energy into form.

    Death is the liberation of energy from form and the reduction of form back to its component states.

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